About Us

Enraf Nonius India Company Limited ( was created to develop project works in India Enraf Nonius India Company Limited now provide comprehensive equipment packages and turnkey solutions for hospitals, healthcare centers and other health-related organizations worldwide. Alongside equipment packages, Enraf-India can facilitate concept development, design, construction, staff training and maintenance as part of turnkey solutions in equipment and medical systems, design & engineering, logistics, procurement and project management. Our experience and proven track record have enabled us to implement a variety of health and science based equipping projects for private, commercial and government clients.


1. Enraf-India works with a variety of international associations, including government agencies and ministries, financial institutions and commercial organizations to realize healthcare projects.
2. Successfully completed array of projects, ranging from the upgrade of existing medical departments to delivering complete, new hospital developments.
3. Project locations have included Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

What We Do

We Design

Project design based on funding and local conditions

Based on years of experience and with many successful projects across all continents, Enraf India the design phase, during which all conditions for implementation are defined.

Enraf India understands the additional demands of healthcare projects on design. From the optimization of hospital logistics, to the local availability of medical gas and the individual sterile requirements of spaces, Enraf India concepts from the design phase onwards, resulting in seamless and efficient implementation of highly functional healthcare facilities.

Having worked around the world, Enraf India understands the importance of local considerations in design and works closely with local partners and clients to realize a facility which fully meets its objectives. Aside from physical design, Enraf India is also your partner for economic design. From funding timescales, to communication with relevant institutes, Enraf India provides an all-encompassing and personal approach to design and implementation.


Project management over the entire building phase

In healthcare, the building phase of any project interacts with the implementation of functional demands and must be tailored to environmental conditions.

From recent projects around the world in Asia, Africa and South America, Enraf India has a strong understanding of the complex variety of factors required to meet project demands. Enraf India works with a high degree of efficiency and dedicated project management. During the building stages, Enraf India offers comprehensive project management at all levels, with a solid understanding of local subtleties and project specific challenges. The result is a highly efficient building phase delivering on and above expectation and with confidence assured.


Equipment selection and installation

Enraf India has developed solid expertise in a wide range of equipment. Enraf India has an extensive purchasing track-record, fully trained installation teams and a strong understanding of equipment suitability, functional demands and requirements.

As a project organization, Enraf India is independent of any manufacturer and has therefore developed strong and open relationships with manufacturers worldwide, allowing us to deliver the best systems for your facility.

Encompassing turnkey packages comprising of the full range of equipment needed for any healthcare facility: from hospital furniture and disposables, to high-end aspects from pre-installation and installation work, to on-going maintenance and staff training.


User and maintenance training

Once the physical aspects of a healthcare project are completed, Enraf India facilitates the proper instruction and education of personnel in order to maximize the effectiveness of the healthcare facility. For decades, Enraf India has been initiating student exchanges; train the trainer programs, service and maintenance training and on-site equipment instruction.

Through the application of expert training, Enraf India can implement effective healthcare solutions in any location. Our capability to recognize needs and develop solutions has allowed us to grow healthcare projects in both mature and emerging markets.


Long term solutions

The name Enraf-Nonius is identified with quality and reliability. Enraf India is committed to the establishment of long-term relationships with clients, allowing us to continue to provide reliable and highly effective healthcare facilities worldwide.

In the maintenance phase of a project, Enraf India assures skilled maintenance at a local level. Technicians are trained locally and internationally and a spare parts management system is implemented. The result is a long-term solution for the optimal running of the healthcare facility.


Finance solutions

Enraf India has helped provide finance for projects around the world in Africa, the middle-East and Asia.

Finance can come from many sources but includes:
• Obtaining direct grants from government to government
• Use of export promotion grants from governments to manufacturers
• Obtaining export credit facilities to underwrite project finance
• Facilitating financing from major international banks for healthcare projects

To date Enraf India has successfully raised finance for healthcare projects totaling over Eur 200 million and is currently working on further projects with a total value of over Eur 100 million.