Concept Development

Enraf Nonius India offers advice and independent consultancy to help you create, visualise and design your project. This could be a single department, total refurbishment or a brand new health care facility.


We can provide expert advice to help produce a comprehensive feasibility study that covers all aspects of your project.


Based upon a feasibility study and suitable securities, Enraf Nonius India can facilitate commercial or concessional funding.

Project design based on funding and local conditions

Based on years of experience and with many successful projects across all continents, Enraf Nonius India guarantees the knowledge and experience for a successful realisation of a projects’ aims. This begins in the design phase, during which all conditions for implementation are defined. Enraf Nonius India understand the additional demands of healthcare projects on design. From the optimisation of hospital logistics, to the local availability of medical gas and the individual sterile requirements of spaces, Enraf Nonius India’ knowledge as a turnkey provider integrates the necessary concepts from the design phase onwards..

Welcome to Enraf Nonius India

Enraf Nonius India is the Projects Division of Enraf Nonius India B.V. ( and was created to further develop project work carried out by Enraf Nonius India B.V. With its background in rehabilitation projects, Enraf Nonius India now provides comprehensive equipment packages and turnkey solutions for hospitals, healthcare centres and other health-related organisations worldwide. Alongside equipment packages, Enraf Nonius India can facilitate concept development, design, construction, staff training and maintenance as part of turnkey solutions tailored to our client’s needs. Our team comprises of a dedicated group of professionals, specialising in equipment and medical systems, design & engineering, logistics, procurement and project management. Our experience and proven track record have enabled us to implement a variety of health and science based equipping projects for private, commercial and government clients.