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Enraf Nonius India offers advice and independent consultancy to help you create, visualise and design your project. This could be a single department, total refurbishment or a brand new health care facility.

We can provide expert advice to help produce a comprehensive feasibility study that covers all aspects of your project.

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Based upon a feasibility study and suitable securities, Enraf Nonius India can facilitate commercial or concessional funding.

Design & Engineering
Our experienced design and engineering staff will work with your planners and architects to create an integrated pre-installation design, incorporating room data sheets, lay-out drawings and pre-installation M&E solutions.

Procurement & Logistics
Computer aided purchasing and quality control systems enable Enraf Nonius India to implement and monitor the supply and shipment of your equipment package.

Installation & Commissioning
Enraf Nonius India will co-ordinate a structured approach to installation and commissioning. Working closely with manufacturers’ engineers, our own team will control all aspects of this activity in accordance with your
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requirements. Local regulations and best practices will be observed.

As technology advances, training of users becomes essential and the responsive approach of Enraf Nonius India will ensure that operators are familiar with all equipment supplied. In addition to this we can train technicians and provide clinical applications training for medical professionals. Enraf Nonius India has excellent relationships with a wide range of Universities. Using these relationships and employing our own specialists, we can also facilitate short and long-term education programmes.

Warranty & Maintenance
Warranty arrangements are an essential part of our programme. Maintenance facilities will be designed to meet your specific requirements and can be implemented by Enraf Nonius India or your own engineers.
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